Friday, November 2, 2012

The "High"

I am new to all this blogging and whatnot, even though it is very popular in today's age.  Upon reading through some posts I have noticed many people talking about a 'high' they get on Sunday's at church, then it seems to fade away throughout the week.  Why is this?  Does God equate to a drug that one can take and get a high on Sunday's, then He fades until the next Sunday?  Sure, if that's who He is to you.  WOW!

Reaping and Sowing:

Look, I am not trying to be mean, all I am saying is, "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." (Galatians 6:7) It would be like this, for a farmer to sow one seed in hopes that an entire field of crop could be reaped...not going to happen.  God is not a coat that we put on for Sunday service and then thrown in the closet when we get back home, in fact, He is not a coat that we put on anyhow...He puts US on, as the Holy Spirit lives in believers.  Yep, He is wearing us around! Look, if we sow seed into the world, from the world we also reap...if we sow seed into His Spirit, from His Spirit we also reap! Romans 8:5-8 

Be humbled and Rise up:

It is high time we believers rise up and shout praises to His name.  We need not be defeated any longer by an enemy that can not harm us!! That is our whole point of being in Christ, and having the Holy Spirit within be more than conquerors in Him!! He is a constant high, not one that fades, to those who know Him.  He is not in the world, He is apart from it and has called us apart from it with Him to live life abundantly!  Get off that stuff that only offers temporary gratification and drink from Him whose well never runs dry!    Who out there is not blind to this? Have we all become comfortable with our surroundings that we cannot grow with Him?  

Consider this:

If you are now thinking there is something more for you than what has been going're probably right! 

Practically speaking, we need God, period.  We need Him to put us on, water us, fertilize us and allow us to grow in Him a meaningful, lasting relationship!  Without Him, life sucks all the way around, just as He told us it would in the Deuteronomy 28 curses.  

ONLY with my eyes, do I see the reward of the wicked!  Praise God for His grace!

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