Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is It Biblical?

I have heard the question asked many times..."Is it biblical...?"  Generally, when I hear this, the person asking it is gearing up to make their point from a biblical perspective about a certain topic in order to prove their righteousness.  I often see that it doesn't really matter what topic follows the question, as people can make just about everything biblical and claim that their point, based on "these" verses, is  right. So I say, what's the point?  People want to be right!

Practically, being right is a good thing, and God agrees too!  However, what many believe to be right, is merely them being "wise in their own eyes," which the bible warns us about. I think it is easy to get caught up on this and fuel our own pride, especially for those who have been "schooled" at say, a seminary.  I'm not saying that everyone who goes to seminary school is guilty of some Pharisaic traits, however, it is common.  If we are genuinely seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness, then being wise and prudent in our own eyes really gets us nowhere, as we then are apart from Christ (not following His Spirit).  An assumption? Nope, the truth.  His Spirit never leads us back to ourselves to look at ourselves and our glory, instead, His Spirit reveals to us the glory of the Father, to receive our all from Him!  This is grace apart from the law, which is the righteousness of God. 

So, how do we live in righteousness?  Only by God's grace through our faith in Christ Jesus who saves from sin, in whom there is no boasting!  If we are to produce much fruit of His Holy Spirit, then we have to walk in His Spirit and be guided in His Truth.  Practicality is what works, and therefore God is very practical for His way is the only way, that is, Christ!  So, is it biblical or not...?  I say, turn to Christ and away from our own interpretations of the bible because the kingdom of heaven is at hand!!

There will be another post to follow that will cover the topic, "Thinking Too Much." I had an issue with this myself, thinking I was right all the time, over thinking problems, just being what could be called 'cerebral.'  God then connected my heart and mind together and made me see, spirit and truth simultaneously!

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  1. I hear from Christians a lot if there is a problem that you just need to read the bible. But I am wondering why nobody directs anyone else to take there problems up with God. Anyone can read the bible and find an answer they are looking for but to find the truth they are going to have to give up there pride and turn to God!


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