Friday, November 2, 2012

Life Uncensored Part II...Success

Part I Re-Cap:

 * The world system is failing and has already failed for many individuals.
 * We looked at what success is.

Part II:

Since success for everyone, is to strive for and achieve (or obtain) whatever matters to them the most, and therefore their failure would be not attaining it (whatever "it" is), why do we even bother giving ourselves to the world? I mean, it seems that everyone is going to the grave at some point, right? And...last I remember we don't take our "stuff" with us upon exiting, so why do we sleep in the world's bed everyday? Mankind clearly didn't create itself, we can see that with what we know it takes to make another person...two people make one baby. So, at minimum either two adults were created first in order to make one baby or two babies were created first and taken care of by the creator until they were old enough to reproduce. It is interesting to me as I write this because, pridefully, I initially was assuming that two adults know how to live and two babies don' is actually, adults should know how to live and babies already do. Note: I do believe that God created mankind, (Adam and Eve.) What do babies do all the time that adults RARELY, if ever, do? That'll be a question my reader's can answer if they wish later on for bonus points! The world is like a bad hooker that, while we're blindfolded, restrained and naked, she steals everything we have and leaves us in the dark. I have only seen this in movies, but the metaphor is highly why sleep with her?...the world I mean. The only reason why we would, is because we don't see the world for what it is (that bad hooker), we see it as marvelous, a true beauty and we love the world instead of and/or more than God.

From the world to God:

The only way to go from wanting the world with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength to wanting God, is we must view God as a greater treasure than anything the world can offer. Is this possible? Sure, it is very possible. As God shows us (believers) who He is, in comparison to what the world truly is, He is truly the only light in an otherwise pitch dark room. Practically, if I am giving all of myself to, (obeying), anything that is failing, then I too am failing right along with it. It would be the same as, though the ship is sinking, I am willingly riding on it to the bottom of the ocean. However, if I am obeying anything (God in this case), that is succeeding (or has succeeded), then I too am a success! Therefore, achieving success, not only today but always, is only found in God, with faith in Christ Jesus who saves us from having to obey the world that is currently "progressing backwards," to obeying Him.

Note: By not obeying God, we will inevitably fail miserably and not succeed in anything. Not that God is bullying us into following Him, just that without Him we are helpless and hopeless. If you are tired of getting beat up and feeling like you are going nowhere, you can stop wondering why you are here and start finding out! Just talk to God, He is already in your thoughts and has written His laws on your heart. All you gotta do is be honest with Him in a conversation (prayer) and tell Him EXACTLY the way you feel and ask Him for His guidance cause you have no idea what to do, and He will tell you (it typically is practical wisdom...stuff that makes sense to you and you can use and apply in your NEW life with Him) Feel free to contact me!

If you want to see more of the blessings and curses of God, read Deuteronomy 28, and I will be discussing them in detail in later posts!

Couple of questions:

Does God have more to offer us than the world? OR Is He worth giving ourselves to (obeying), instead of obeying the world, and Why?

What do babies or young children do that adults rarely, if ever, get around to doing? And Why?

Is God the giver of good things, or the stealer of them? What are the fruit of His Holy Spirit?

Why do some people get quickly disappointed with God, once they begin to "obey" Him? Answer here

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