Friday, November 2, 2012

Life Uncensored Part I

My wife and I recently watched a documentary about progress, and how the world as a whole is actually progressing backward.  Progressing backward?  Well...failing is a better term.  The documentary expressed how for the first time in history, our world economics are equally on a downward spiral awaiting a tragic collapse.  Alright, I am not trying to scare anyone here even though it is going to be scary for most folks.  Think about this...whatever your age, you have busted your rear trying to get where you are today in the world, and say you wake up one morning and suddenly realize that everything you have put blood, sweat and tears into no longer matters because the world's economy failed!  That is the ultimate disaster for the world, as not only the value of "things" would be swept away like sand into the crashing waves of life, but also those who put their faith in the world are miserable down to their very core  While the world economic system is not yet fully gone to the wayside, many folks have found themselves in this very situation in their own personal lives, seeing this "backward progression" and suffering true hardship.

It is interesting to see what we do when we are faced with a hardship.  It is even more interesting to see what we do prior to dealing with a hardship, or how we live.  What I am speaking of is our hearts, minds, souls and strength (the stuff that makes us, well, us).  What have we set our hearts on (what matters most to us), what we think of the most, how our soul reacts to that and the amount of energy we use to achieve that is amazing!  I will have to say that on the planet there exists a whole bunch of very creative and unique people, and it is disheartening to see that although they strive and strive in the world they still fail.  Ok, so not everyone in the world fails...or do they.  That would all depend on what the individual's definition of failure would be, and to define failure we must also look at success...Success for everyone, is to strive for and achieve (or obtain) whatever matters to them most, and therefore their failure would be not attaining it (whatever "it" is).  Stick around for Part II of this post, as it will continue from here!!

I would like your feedback!

Can we succeed in the world system?  Why or why not?

What are you giving your all to at this point in your life? 

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