Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is Jesus Controversial?

So, is Jesus controversial?  I have heard this topic being discussed (argued) among some theologians, and it can get quite interesting.  Well, in the bible Pilate could find no fault with Jesus, (Luke 23:4), however, the majority of the Jews said He blasphemed against God and wanted to see Him crucified.  So I would say, yeah, Jesus can cause some disputes.  But why?  Is there something wrong with Jesus,or the gospel...maybe it is what He says?  Actually, the problem herein lies not with Jesus, the problem is us!

What!?  I'm outraged!  Sorry about that, but it's true.  Our pride is a suit that our flesh wears that makes us  impervious to the Holy Spirit.  I would liken it to a child that is pouting and stomps off mad...he ain't gonna listen until he's humbled.  It is not until we are humble, can we even begin to be receptive to any of God's grace, since it takes faith in Christ to receive it.  So the question, "Is Jesus Controversial?" Extremely!  However, not to the humble, only the proud...not to the sinner, but to the righteous.  The gospel is good news, but only for those in need of a savior, to everyone else it makes no sense at all.

Think about it:

Do you see Christ as a controversy in and around your life?  Look deeper into that if you truly want a quality relationship with God!

Note: For those who may not know what I mean by Christ being a controversy, that would be to say that He and His ways are causing a severe conflict, even disputes in yourself and/or the folks that surround you.

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